We believe that southern Africa’s development depends on strong leadership in key fields.

Canon Collins scholars are outstanding academics and professionals who are dedicated to the development of their countries.

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Our Scholarships

Canon Collins Trust has been running postgraduate scholarship programmes for southern African candidates since 1981. During this time, the Trust has supported more than 3,500 scholars from 14 southern African countries. Today the Trust runs ten postgraduate scholarship programmes for study in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Malawi. Over 100 scholars are currently pursuing postgraduate studies at more than a dozen universities with our support.


The context

Access to educational opportunities beyond the age of 18 remains severely unequal in southern Africa. Recent reports have shown that within the South African academic community, only 14% of professors are black, with black women representing only 2%. The demand for postgraduate education, however, is high. A 2009 report from the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) has highlighted that the returns on investing in a university education are significant, and that there is a real desire amongst southern Africans to extend their studies for reasons of both professional development and advancing change in society through enhanced expertise.

Supporting exceptional individuals

At Canon Collins Trust, we believe that postgraduate education is both empowering for individuals and transformative for societies. Consequently, our scholars, through a bespoke online selection process run by our scholarships department and trained assessors using a common scoring matrix, must demonstrate their commitment to social justice and that they share our values of agency, learning, collaboration, solidarity and fairness.

Canon Collins scholars are at the forefront of research, activism and leadership in southern Africa. We enable talented individuals to pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies to help shape southern African knowledge economies through dedicated research, whilst combatting critical shortfalls in national development strategies. Our mission is to be able to offer an increasing number of scholarships to expand our presence and welcome more aspiring researchers and activists into our ever-growing network of change agents.

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