Princess Alice Sibanda
PhD Drama & Performance Studies
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Canon Collins RMTF Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in Education

Chosen by the Canon Collins alumni network as the 2018 Scholars' Scholar, Princess Alice is an activist, artist and academic. Through a marriage of intellect, activism and art, she fights for social justice with a specific focus on issues of gender and sexuality. Over the past 6 years, she has served as an ambassador for sexual and reproductive health rights in Zimbabwe through the SAfAIDS organisation. Her PhD research focuses on "Reclaiming Sex Workers Humanity and Dignity through Popular Participatory Theatre".  Princess Alice took part in our podcast series on the use of Theatre and the Arts as a tool for social change. You can listen to her podcast here.



"I fervently believe in the power of inclusive participatory interventions to uplift marginalised communities and tackle social ills. I seek to use drama and performance as tools to humanise, build dialogue, facilitate social cohesion and change among key populations, such as sex workers, prison inmates, queer people, people living with disabilities as well as people living with HIV."

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