Thendo Tshivengwa

South Africa

Canon Collins Scholar 2010-2011

LLB, University of the Western Cape

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Last updated: 31 July 2015

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Scholarship in Action

Through our scholarship programmes, our support for key civil society partners and through linking scholarship and activists, we work to create open and just societies in Southern Africa. Our theory of change describes the ways in which we work to achieve this.

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Lady Felicia Kentridge

co-founder of the Legal Resources Centre

The Trust deeply regrets the death in June of Lady Felicia Kentridge. Her vision, humanity and wisdom live on in the work of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC) in South Africa which she founded and the former Legal Assistance Trust (LAT) which she co-founded in the UK. The LAT merger with the Canon Collins Trust in 2012 and the partnership between CCELAT and the LRC will ensure that Lady Kentridge's legacy is to strengthen human rights, equitable development and the rule of law in South Africa.

To read an obituary of Lady Kentridge written by the Trust’s chair John Battersby, click here.

Canon Collins Scholar Conference, Cape Town, July 2015